Medicine Wheel Journey
Would you like to be fully empowered by your past instead of traumatized by it? Imagine knowing your real Self so deeply that you quit repeating the same mistakes and wasting your precious time. Would you like to be free from the identity issues that cause so much suffering for so many people? If you answered yes to any of these questions, and you are interested in studying shamanism, then please Join Us for the journey of a lifetime through the 4 Directions of the Medicine Wheel.

In this series of 4 day workshops (one per direction) you will...
• Receive the energetic rites of passage of the Q’ero of Peru
• Learn Shamanic ceremonies and techniques to work directly with the Power of Life
• Develop the shaman’s medicine body to move through life, age and heal differently
• Learn to use each of the 4 directions of the Medicine Wheel to move through life with grace, peace and power

Your journey through the 4 directions from the Q'ero shamanic tradition of Peru will be led by John English and Dr. Ivory Raye.

The Medicine Wheel Journey: South Direction
When: Start: Thursday September 26th 2:00pm 
Ends: Sunday September 19th at noon
Where: Beautiful location in the Trinidad, Colorado Area, exact location shared after registration.
Cost: $550 per direction payment made before event.