Your Holistic Health Coach

Coaching for optimal health and wellness. Supporting your body, mind, and spirit.

I am here to help you create a deeper understanding of your health imbalances and support lasting change.

My Coaching Approach
For a Healthy and Meaningful Life

As your health coach, I believe in a holistic approach that addresses the entirety of who you are – mind, body, and spirit. My aim is to meet you where you currently are and help you develop habits that are achievable and meaningful to you.

We will uncover the root causes behind any health challenges you're facing and craft a sustainable plan that empowers you to finally feel your best.

In our journey together, I will be your guide, your accountability partner, your health and wellness expert.  I'm here to identify patterns and health imbalances that are present, as well as share lifestyle, nutrition, and supplement recommendations that can help to restore your health and vitality.  

Together, we will find the strategy that works best for you and work through any obstacles that arise.

Options for working together

Health Coaching Packages

Ready to transform your health? 
These comprehensive packages include personalized sessions, lab recommendations, custom plans, access to my online yoga class, and regular check-ins to fast track your goals.


Monthly 1:1 Coaching

Dreaming of finally achieving your health goals and making lasting changes? With continued support you will! You'll receive a customized plan, progress tracking, resources and handouts tailored to your unique needs.

Single Coaching Session

Overwhelmed on where to start? Or want to kick-start your goals with a little guidance? Book a single one-on-one session with me. We'll talk through your health challenges and you will receive a personalized plan.

It's about feeling good about yourself. It's about having more energy. It's about changing your mindset from lack to gratitude. 

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Together, we will work to create lasting change and reach the goals you've been dreaming of achieving.

If you have been trying to make changes but fall back into the old routine or have been doing “all the right things” and getting no results, I’m here to show you another way.

Instead of trying to piece together a plan and purchasing yet another device, lets work together, uncover the root problems, and create a custom plan that fits in with your life. Because after all, you are unique.